Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Spaghetti with Italian Sausage

I got many condolences regarding my old lady poodle this weekend.  I appreciate every one of them, but only one inspired last night's dinner.

One of my bestest childhood friends (and still a good friend) had read about Lucy and sent me an e-mail instead of commenting on my blog.  So, at the end of the e-mail she tells me what one of her favorite comforts foods is in hope of lightening my spirits.  She was right - one of her favorite comfort food is:  Spaghetti with Italian Sausage!

You don't get it, do you?  Ya, you really had to be there. 

I'll take you back with me.  College.  lol.  That's probably all I need to say.  But, I'll tell you more.

A group of us went out for dinner one night at the Spaghetti Factory in Jack London Square.  We did this pretty often because we liked the atmosphere, the reasonably priced food, and the free spumoni ice cream that comes with the meals.

Said friend ordered, you guessed it, Spaghetti with Italian Sausage.

Now, there are probably a couple things you need to know.  One - the Spaghetti Factory serves the sausage as a link.  Two - I'm a master at the double entendre.

When the waiter sets the Spaghetti with Italian Sausage down he's behind me.  I look up at my friend and...

Ya, it probably looked a lot like that.  Maybe more seductive.  Probably not.

She busts out laughing but the waiter doesn't see me making faces so he scolds her for having the dirty dirty mind.  Bwaaaahahaha!  Mission accomplished!

Her reminding me of that dinner made my day and it inspired me to make Spaghetti with Sausage for dinner.  I'd share my spaghetti sauce recipe, but it's really one of those things that I do by throwing things I have on hand into the pot.  There are a few pantry essentials I use to start the sauce:

  • 1 14.5 oz can of tomatoes
  • 1 15 oz can tomato sauce
  • 1 6 oz can tomato paste
  • seasoning to taste
  • wine - about 8 oz (of whatever is in my fridge, which is usually a box of cabernet)

From there I add sauteed onions, garlic, meat, mushrooms - or whatever else is in my refrigerator or pantry that sounds good.

Yesterday I added sweet Italian sausage.  I split the skins and used the ground meat inside though instead of serving the sausage as links.  ;)

xoxo, K.


  1. you're welcome...
    btw - the look was MUCH more suggestive than that! -R

    1. Thank you again hun - laughing through tears is always the best cure for the blues. xoxo

  2. Karen, I love how you make me laugh :-) I'll never think of sausages the same way again!

  3. ... and Boo Boo Sketti gets no mention, what kinda food blog is this?

    1. Boo Boo Sketti is closer to a train wreck than it is food. ;)

  4. My son referred to Spaghetti and Meatballs as "Pisketti and Newtballs" -- still breaks up on of the gals who helped down in Kindergarten that year. I'd heard the "pisketti" pronunciation before, but the "newtballs" thing took ME back to college. Crawling around in the Oakland Hills in the spring of '83 (rained every flippin' weekend we had field section for 20 weeks, winter & spring quarters, except the two weekends that were about 100 degrees!). The California newts were out in force, and their mating strategy was simple: all the males are waiting on the way to the streams, and when a female comes along, they mob her. This produced masses of slowly squirming amphibian lust that we dubbed "newtballs". One can imagine my reaction at having this term arise connected with food.