Monday, September 3, 2012

Hurricane Supper

About 9 o'clock in the morning after Isaak made landfall we lost power.  After hurricane Katrina, Bran and I had decided that it would be best to be prepared for a power failure that was at least two weeks long.  (Two weeks is the length of time we were without power after Katrina).  In my opinion this is a very good decision as we often lose power during our regular summer storms anyways.

Oh, and before you go crazy about us staying for Katrina - we did not.  We heeded our city, parish, and state officials and evacuated the area when asked to.  We returned a week later to assess the damage, left again, then came back when word was that power had been restored to our neighborhood.

Have you ever had to clean out a refrigerator that has been without power for two weeks?  I have.  Two of them.  You know when you throw your chicken away in the garbage and forget to take the garbage out that night, so the next morning you've got this awful stank in your kitchen?  Well, multiply that times 14 more days and you might have an idea how awful my refrigerator smelled.  We did everything we could to save our refrigerators and succeeded with the garage refrigerator because it stored mostly beer, wine, and soda.  But the refrigerator in my kitchen - nothing got the smell out.  Nothing.  Our insurance company bought us a new refrigerator and I'll be damned if I let another fridge end up smelling like a dead wildebeest.

Because of this, when hurricane season comes around we start to be conscious about how much perishable food we keep in the house.  We also take inventory of what we have and plan out what food we'll eat first.  Obviously the frozen food is first on the list.  Frozen food?  I mean all those Omaha steaks in the freezer that I bought last month.

Bran gilling up a hurricane supper
So here we are without power, a feast worth of frozen steak, a full propane tank for the grill, and driving rain.  The one thing we had overlooked was that if Bran was to go out and cook us up some dinner he, and the steaks, were going to get drenched.  I laughed about this while on the phone with Brad (our land line worked, but that was it - good thing we have a couple of those old fashioned "plug straight into the wall" telephones).  I said something about how I'd moved all my potted plants from the backyard to the protected area around my front door and Brad suggested we move the grill up there too.  He's so smart!!!  I mentioned this to Bran who thought it was a great idea as well.  So, there's my sweet husband out in the driving pouring rain with an umbrella in one hand, dragging the grill behind him, sloshing through the giant puddles in the yard, to bring the grill around the house.  He had it all done before I even knew he'd started!  So, grilling commenced in the protected area around my front door and a romantic candlelit steak supper was served.

Until next time, Karen

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