Friday, September 28, 2012


I have an embarrassing confession: I'm addicted to those little recipe magazines at the check out line of the grocery store.  You know the ones. 

I ignore the delicious candy, the shocking tabloid headlines, even the convenience of those forgotten things like batteries and lighters to see what wonderful new recipe magazines are offered to me.

They lure me in with their bright colors, tasty treats, and comfort food goodness.  I pick them right up and toss them on the conveyor belt; and when the clerk asks me if I'd like to just put them in my purse I say "yes, yes!", my fingers itching to touch the pages of future scrumptious dishes.  At home after the groceries are put up the first thing I do is start through the magazine making note of which recipes look and sound the best. 

The sad thing is that I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've actually used a recipe from one of these little gems.

But my admission of addiction is worse; not only do I buy these magazines but I keep them, sometimes for years.  I pull my collection out around this time of year and start thumbing through them.  Then I buy more.  lol. 

To placate my growing shame at such an addiction to these recipe magazines I'm going to challenge myself to one new recipe a week. 

Here are my self imposed rules:
  1. the recipe must come from one of my hoard of recipe magazines or recipe books
  2. it must be a new to me recipe
  3. one recipe a week to be blogged about, whether or not it's a "keeper"
Sound like fun?  Sounds like fun to me.  I'm off to my recipe hoard to choose something new... but first a drink.

xoxo, K.


  1. I love it!! can't wait to see what you cook up. ;)

  2. I try to resist, but get taken in now and again. Used to have several subscriptions. Sounds like fun, and the results will be rewarding: heaven or horror, it'll make good reading!