Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Leftovers - Thai Red Curry with Chicken and Kabocha squash

While on my way home from work tonight, on a crowded Dublin/Pleasanton BART train, I contemplated the question... "What's for dinner tonight?"  After giving this question some thought, to my delight, I had remembered that I prepared Thai Curry the previous night.

Thai Curry was all I could think about at that point.  Then, the terrifying thought came into my mind "What if Jim finished off the Thai Curry for lunch today?"  I just needed to wait to get home to find out.

To my delight, the Thai Curry was still in the fridge untouched from the night before.  I was ecstatic!  What's for dinner tonight?  Yep, leftovers.  

Leftovers you say?  That's no way to begin a blog.  Ah, but this was not just any ordinary leftovers you slop on a plate and throw in to the microwave on high for four minutes.  Rather, a delicious Thai Red Curry with chicken, bell peppers, carrots, potatoes and Kabocha squash.

After gently simmering the Thai Curry for about ten minutes, the aroma of coconut milk filled the kitchen and it was time to eat.

Served in an over-sized white porcelain pasta bowl, a side of steamed Jasmine rise made a truly dramatic presentation to this gastronomic delight.

Here are my thoughts of presentation...  Presentation is everything (you can read more about my take on this subject within The Table).  Even thought I may be having leftovers, and dining alone tonight, it doesn't mean I should have dinner directly from the saucepan it was prepared in.  Dinner should always be presented on beautiful dinnerware.

The Thai Curry had a perfect blending of flavors:  the coconut milk added creamy suppleness to the sauce, the brown sugar added just a tinge of sweetness and the red curry paste added heat.  The chicken was tender and the vegetables cooked to perfection.  But I do have to say, the Kabocha squash was excellent.

Before I knew it, the Thai Curry was gone and I was delightfully full.  Preparation for tonight's meal was a snap.  However, this curry is incredibly easy to make.  A few pantry items and some fresh produce is really all you need to make this delicious meal.  

Thai Red Curry with chicken, vegetables and Kabocha squash: it's what's for dinner.

Cheers,  Brad

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