Thursday, August 23, 2012

Asian Style

I should have posted first so that Brad's fabulous curry dish was the most recent post on our blog.  But, I didn't so you're stuck looking and reading about the slop I put together for supper last night.

Last night I made what I call "Asian Style Pork".  This dish is my own invention and I basically use the same steps to make Asian Style Chicken, Asian Style Beef, or Asian Style Shrimp.  You get the idea, I'm sure.

All I do is saute an onion, then add garlic, ginger, the meat, and season to taste.  Cook until the meat is done then add one-third of a jar of Tong Cho sauce and some broccoli.  Last night though, I got to the "add one-third of a jar of Tong Cho sauce" when I discovered I was out.  So I substituted teriyaki sauce.  Not quite the same, but edible none-the-less.  Serve it over jasmine rice with a salad and you've got supper.

Here's my "not so fabulous" photo of our supper cooking last night right before I added the teriyaki sauce. 

Please ignore my messy stove top.
Until next time, Karen

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