Friday, August 31, 2012

Hurricane Preparedness

The best hurricane preparedness is to evacuate.  Really - it's the best plan.

However, when the hurricane in question is not yet a hurricane, but a tropical storm, and your city and state officials are asking you to shelter in place in order to leave the roads free for those who do need to evacuate - then there are a few necessities you should have on hand.

One is water.  Bran and I always buy at least a couple flats of bottled water at the beginning of each hurricane season.  When hurricane season is over we then drink the water (not all at once) and then restock again when hurricane season comes back around.

Another is a pantry full of non-perishable food.  We make sure we have enough canned and dry food to survive without power for a couple of weeks.  We also have enough leftover MREs from Katrina to eat for another week if we really need to.

MRE and it's contents
We also make sure we have two full tanks of propane for the grill, fresh (and recharged rechargeable) batteries for the radio (and flashlights), and candles.

* Stay tuned for my next post where I discuss cooking outdoors during 100 mph wind gusts.

The Monday morning before Isaak came ashore I made a jaunt over to our local grocer to pick up a couple things "just in case".  Things we didn't already have stocked away - like fresh fruit, dried fruit, instant coffee, and charcoal briquettes.  I was a little surprised to see how "not busy" Rouses was.  They were busier than a usual Monday morning - but not by much.

It was this trip to the grocery that I realized that our hurricane preparedness list is not quite complete based on South Louisiana standards.  If you're jaded by tropical storms the way Californians are about earthquakes here's what you'll need before a hurricane:
  • deli meat for sandwiches
  • giant bottles of wine
  • beer
  • liquor
  • soda
  • potato chips
  • ice cream sandwiches
After learning that I was lacking in these hurricane party essentials I made the following wise decisions:
hurricane essentials
  • deli meat - passed to focus instead on the frozen food in my freezer we would need to eat if we lost power
  • giant bottles of wine - passed because I don't really drink that much cheap wine
  • beer - bought a 12 pack of Corona and a 6 pack of Stella Artois
  • liquor - passed because I already have a fully stocked bar and I would have focus on the bottles of vodka in my freezer if we lost power
  • soda - bought a 12 pack of diet coke
  • potato chips - passed
  • ice cream sandwiches - passed and instead ate the half a pint of Ben and Jerry's in the freezer before the storm hit and we lost power so I wouldn't be wasting good ice cream
So, what's in your disaster preparedness kit?

Until next time, Karen

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