Sunday, August 26, 2012

Green Beans

I was at a work function lunch last week when the topic of vegetables came up.  If you know me well at all you'll know the one food I just don't like is green beans.  Yes, green beans.  I can stomach just about any food except green beans.

My dislike for green beans is something that comes up in food conversations regularly enough to know that every time I mention this little food dislike quirk everyone involved in the conversation then has to share with me a recipe they have for green beans that I'm sure to like.  Really?  Do you really think you're magical green bean recipe is going to finally change my mind about green beans?

Because I'm an adult (well age wise I'm an adult) I will try green beans when they're served to me.  (I call this "eating my insult" and I'll blog about insult eating some other time).  My adult mind tells me that I should like green beans and maybe this preparation will change my mind, so I'll take a bite just to be disappointed once again.  Occasionally I'll be in a mind set of not liking green beans before I take my taste, and that's always when the dish has been prepared with canned green beans.  There is nothing more vile to my taste buds than canned green beans.  It doesn't matter how much bacon or almonds you add to the dish, if the beans are canned they're disgusting. 

At this point I'd like to say that after I mentioned not liking green beans to a childhood friend she suggested I eat them raw.  She was right!  I still don't love green beans, but they are palatable raw.  I also recently discovered that they're palatable pickled and served with a Bloody Mary.  Honestly though, what isn't palatable served with a Bloody Mary?

I guess the whole point of this post is: please don't share your green bean recipe with me.  No matter how good you think your recipe is - if the beans are cooked at all then my taste buds say "yuck"!

Until next time, Karen


  1. Karen, I've got a green bean recipe i'm SURE you'll love. :) Love you, Brad

  2. You should try them pickled and in a Bloody Mary. So yummy!